There are countless ways that men attempt penis enlargement. Surgery, pumps, weights, stretchers, exercise techniques, creams, magnets... you name it. Do any of them really work? Here's what our research uncovered about each enlargement method and how much each techniques could cost you. 

    (COST:  Low end: $4,000.00 - High end: $10,000.00)

Unfortunately, penis enhancement surgery just hasn't been fully perfected yet.  In addition to the extraordinary monetary cost of surgery, the procedure itself should give one pause. The penis is "lengthened" by cutting the suspensory ligament. This gives the appearance of a longer penis but does not actually increase its length.  It also makes the penis more unstable during intercourse, as well as more susceptible to injury. This surgery leaves a permanent scar and a lower angle of erection.

Another method of enlargement is performed by injecting or grafting fat from elsewhere on your body, then injecting it around the penis. This gives the appearance of a fat, wide penis. But in truth, the penis is not any longer than it was before. The repurcussions can be frightening- scars, lumps,  deformities, and worse.

Granted, penile enhancement surgery is slowly improving.But we strongly recommend you do MUCH research for yourself before committing to this particular method of enlargement.

    (COST: Low end: $39.99  -  High end: $350.00)

There seems to be a great deal of controversy surrounding the actual success of penis enlargement pumps. There are a variety of types available, from "doctor-designed" expensive brands to plastic models promising "guaranteed results".  They feature names like the Techno-Pump, the Stallion Pump, the Big Bazooka Pump, Mr. Big Pump, the Fireman's Pump, and the "Granddaddy of All Penis Pumps"...  Dr. Kaplan's Electric Pump (with or without scrotum enlarger!)

Certain vacuum pumps (such as Power Stretch and Trac-Man) work by creating tension through pressure which pulls the penis away from itself in all directions.  But reports from veteran pumpers are not encouraging.  Though our tests show that pumps are about 50% effective for achieving temporary results, actual permanent size gains are very rarely attained.

Here's how the pump works. Put a tube over your penis and pump air out of the tube. This action temporarily "swells" the penis, but does not increase the blood capacity in the penile tubes which is necessary to effect a permanent change in penis size. Furthermore, these are more downsides of vacuum pumps:

    *too much effort with too little result
    *risk of temporary impotence
    *risk of painful lymph blisters
    *dislocation and bruising
    *bleeding from burst capillaries

    (COST: Low end: $125  - High end:  $400.00)

The notion of hanging weights from the penis has been around for a long time. The theory is that this stretches and thickens the penis.  This is a practice that's been used by early Samurai, Indian cultures, African tribes, and others.  One of the oldest methods involves tying a rope around the head of the penis and stretching it using heavy rocks fastened to the other end of the rope. Yes, this method can be successful... but it can also create impotence as a result of too much pressure on the dorsal nerve (which runs along the top of the penis). Even worse, it cuts off the circulation to the penis which results in infection and amputation. Weights may be applied to some degree of success, but you must know exactly how to use them correctly. You can actually DECREASE your overall length by strengthening and tightening the ligaments, and that's something you definitely DON'T want to do.

    (COST:  Low end:  $44.95  -  High end:  $300.00)

Stretchers, like weights, can produce slight increases in size, but must be applied with great caution and knowledge.  Several months of daily use can indeed produce an increase in flaccid length, but with no erectional increase and a small decrease in girth. There are Knee Brace Pullers and overnight stretchers which sell quite well, but we've yet spoken to anybody who's used these and experienced significant size increase. There's also the potential danger of gangrene which is caused by the long-term cut-off of blood circulation to the glans. Ligaments can be stretched when the penis is flaccid, but true size gains can only be accomplished when the penis is stretched in both a flaccid and erect state.

    (COST:  Low end:  $55.00  -  High end:  $130.00)

Lately, a few sites have been popping up on the web promoting "miracle creams" and "African herbal creams" which, supposedly, when applied can add an amazing 2" - 3" to your penis length.  All we can say is this... we've tried these creams.  And if you've got $55.00 to spend on this worthless stuff, you might as well just toss your money out the window into the wind. You'll get better results that way.

    (COST:  Around $50.00)

Another preposterous new technique for enlargement.  According to these sites, the iron in the blood is attracted to magnets which literally "pull the force" from your penis, thus creating a larger organ. Friends, iron in the blood is NOT attracted to magnets. Interesting approach, though.

    (Natural Penis Enlargement)
    (COST:  Low end:  $19.99  -  High end:  $225.00)

At last, a method for penis enlargement that WORKS, if performed correctly!  As incredible as it sounds, there are certain simple methods that you can perform using only your hand that will produce very impressive size gains!  Techniques that have a 95% - 97% success rate!  These are easy, natural, healthy exercises that are extremely effective in both enlarging and strenthening your penis.

You might have seen some of these methods advertised on other penis enlargement sites with headings like "Ancient Secret Techniques Revealed!".  Ancient, maybe.  But secret?  No.  Even today, countless enlargement enthusiasts (yes, they do exist!) perform daily enhancement routines which add anywhere between 1" to 3" in length and girth to their penis size.  Of all of the methods listed above, THESE TECHNIQUES ARE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL!  BAR NONE!  THEY ALWAYS PRODUCE RESULTS!

How, you ask?  The penis is like a muscle that has never been fully developed.  It must be exercised.  During an erection, blood is sent to the penis where it is absorbed in a spongy erectile tissue.  Certain exercises can break down the cells in your penis by forcing blood into them and stretching the cells out larger than normal.  Your penis repairs itself by growing the cells back, thus expanding the erectile tissue and allowing the penis to hold more blood.  As a result, your penis becomes substantially and PERMANENTLY longer and thicker.  It is not uncommon for a man with a 6" penis to add 2 inches in less than a year!

Online Men's Health Resources has been researching these and other techniques for some time now.  Speaking from experience, we KNOW they work. 

As we said, these various methods can be found on a variety of enlargement websites, but BE CAREFUL!  Some of these companies will sucker you out of $20.00 for a 1-Page "Quickie Solution" barely giving you enough info to get you started.  Other online manuals are available, but often throw in "little extras" like demonstration videos or "enhancement creams", then charge you a whopping $150.00 for the whole package.


We have actually compiled our own ONLINE MANUAL which includes several enlargement techniques that HONESTLY work.  But unlike other sites, we aren't charging you "an arm and a leg" for this information.  Our online manual is extensive, thorough, comprehensive (almost 50 pages and constantly growing), informative and extremely successful.  If you're interested in achieving safe and effective penis enlargement that WORKS better than any other method, our manual is just what you're looking for!

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